The Team


Sophia is in charge of managing everything and marketing everything. If you have any Biggabed questions, she answers them!

Sophia Merageas '24.5

Campus Director

The woman in charge!


Jake is in charge of operations. He takes care of all the heavy lifting... literally. He's in charge of moving the beds, storing the beds, checking the beds, and organizing the beds! 

Jake Oblak '25

Campus Director

Is super-duper strong!

Join Us!

Interested in joining the Biggabed Team as a Bigg-Ambassador? 

Potential Projects

  • Project / Market Research

  • Postering on campus

  • Website support/development

  • Copywriting & Creative Strategy

+ other areas more aligned with your interests

we can work on together

What you get

  • A Middkid biggabed package for a 10-50% discount* for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

  • A Free Biggabed "Dream Bigga" Hoodie from the inaugural Big One collection

  • Something to add to your resume!

  • The best sleep possible at Midd, nbd

Old Hooks.jpg

The Idea

Biggabed was started, prototyped and developed right here on the Middlebury College campus. It all started with a late night dorm conversation between friends, turned into a prototype with some 3D printed hooks and broken hockey sticks, and is now the only student-owned and operated bed rental company at Middlebury!


14 Old Chapel Rd, Middlebury VT 05753

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