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The Midd Kid Bigg-A-Bed

2" Memory Foam Topper

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Main Package

Midd Kid Bigg-A-Bed

Our classic product that includes our CertiPUR-US® certified 15” wide Lux High-Quality foam mattress extension, making your bed a total of 52" wide. This extension matches the college-provided mattress in height, density, and length. This package requires at least a 2” mattress topper. This topper can be Bigg-A-Bed provided, or you can bring your own. Read below for more options!

Slightly Bigg-A-Bed

This package includes our CertiPUR-US® certified 8” wide Lux High-Quality foam mattress extension, making your bed a total of 44" wide. This extension matches the college-provided mattress in height, density, and length. Ideal for those with smaller rooms, this package easily fits within most spaces while still providing extra space for sleeping. This package comes with a custom-sized mattress topper: choose between a 2" or 3" thickness, and memory foam or premium foam.

Bigg-A-Bed Frame

If you want to bring your own mattress, we've got you covered! Order this package to get the patent-pending Bigg-A-Bed Full-XL frame extension system. We can also store your college-provided mattress for an additional fee.


Memory Foam - Plush

This specially formulated memory foam will add pressure-relieving comfort and soft support to any mattress. Designed to combine soft, airy luxury with responsive support, this topper conforms to the body to eliminate pressure points. Made to be more responsive and plush, this topper will change the way you sleep instantly. Our memory foam toppers come in a 2" or 3" variety and has an ILD rating of 14.

Premium Foam - Medium Firm

For those who enjoy a firm and supported feel! This topper provides consistent support through the night, conforms to your body weight and position, and provides comfort and pressure relief. Our premium foam toppers are built to be comfortable and provide some softness, but provide more support than a memory foam topper. They come in a 2" or 3" option and has an ILD rating of 35.

Bring your own

Already have your own mattress topper that you love? Just bring that one, and rent your package without a topper from us.​We can store your personally owned mattress topper for you over the summer if you plan on renting from Bigg-A-Bed again. Just let us know, and we'll arrange it!

Support Layer

Support Layer is a separate option at checkout. We know some people like more support for their sleep, which is why we provide the option for an additional 1 or 2" support layer. Used as a base layer, it provides some extra firmness and stability for a more comfortable sleep. We recommend that you use a mattress topper in combination with the support layer, as the support layer is extra firm! Made from the highest quality and CertiPUR-US® certified foam to help you sleep even betta in your bigga bed, our support layer foam has an ILD of 50, made to provide extra firm support for your bed. ​​ If you get a support layer, you should use Queen or Full-XL sheets with a deep pocket.

We know that when it comes to comfort, firmness isn't one-size-fits-all. All of our mattress toppers are CertiPUR-US® certified and made from the highest quality material. ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) is a measure of mattress firmness, with lower numbers being softer, and higher numbers being firmer. 

Delivery Method


We'll bring your package to your room and set it up for you, hassle-free, just place your order and get prepared to have a Bigg-A-Bed!

Room Delivery

We'll drop your bed off at your room for you, and you set it up yourself using our Installation Guide.


Come by our storage location and pick up your Bigg-A-Bed package when you arrive at school, then install it yourself using our Installation Guide.

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