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Our Alumni Make it Bigg

What enables us to continue bringing quality beds to a rapidly expanding number of students at schools across the U.S. is our conscientious, exceptional group of Campus Directors. As Biggabed grows through their collaboration and hard work, we make sure to offer plenty of opportunities for them to showcase their assets for the next chapter of their lives. Our CD Alums have graduated and achieved immense success, entering prestigious companies in various fields such as management, marketing, infrastructure technology, and private equity. Take a look at where our Alums have made it Bigg: 


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What Our  Alumni Have To Say

Most enjoyed working with the team both at Swat and also with Adam. Swarthmore was one of the first schools in addition to middlebury and working with Adam for over 2 years was such a good time and experience.

You operate in a CEO/Founder like role as a campus director and this gives you very rare experience as to what it actually takes to start and run a business. You can’t truly learn these lessons without experiencing it.

Anyone interested in being an entrepreneur and working with a phenomenal team should jump at the opportunity to work with Adam and Biggabed. Amazing place to develop your professional skills and leadership while having a blast.

Swarthmore College '22

The aspect of working at Biggabed that I enjoyed the most was that I was creating something new with awesome people. 

Biggabed played a pivotal role in my career. It gave me the confidence to strive for goals even when I had little idea at how exactly I’d achieve them. 

Becoming a campus director for Biggabed will give you tools to succeed in many industries. The people are amazing to work with and will push you to succeed while also offering significant support.

Swarthmore College

Working as a campus director at Biggabed was one of the best decisions I made during my college experience. I acquired a wealth of firsthand knowledge about entrepreneurship and business that one cannot be recreated in a lecture or classroom. 
Most importantly, I learned to embrace failure. Entrepreneurship revolves around encountering failures, learning from them, and devising creative solutions. I still reflect on the many challenges I faced at Biggabed and the lessons I learned, as these insights have assisted me in making better business decisions in my current role.

Middlebury College  '22


Liam Maniscalco




Fyn Fernández

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